In The Beginning…

It all started with a post-wedding cake. Daniel and Frances were married in Sacramento, then honeymooned in Egypt. Upon returning to the States they stopped by South Florida for a second reception for our friends and family who couldn’t travel to California.

Over the years, and once safely ensconced in retirement I expanded both my baking and short story writing. I completed a set of religious fiction short stories and compiled them into my first book “Ruth.” We then acquired a rescue dog, Rosie, and I wrote a number of short-stories basked on Rose, or Rosie, or Rosalita. Enjoying writing for fun so much I expanded into fiction, writing a political thriller, The Star Alliance, and science fiction with “The Quantum Butterfly Effect.”


Daniel and France's Post Wedding Cake

I made my first “wedding” cake for that party. It shares the colors of Boston College and the University of Florida. I then continued making cakes for various occasions before expanding into pastries and entrees. My last project was 3 doz raspberry/chocolate chip brownies with a ganache frosting and mini-eclairs.


ToAHotelSomeplace is my writer’s portal. Short stories and novellas are described and listed with links to Amazon and Kindle for purchase, or Prime Members to read for free! Upcoming work includes flash fiction of backstories of some of my favorite song lyrics. Several of my backstories can be read for free on Booksie.


Cover 1 Color Labels

GhostsThatSell Memories chronicles our 2018 Big Adventure as we spend two weeks driving across country, from Sacramento to Vermont. I blogged each day, pretending our Havanese Rosalita was with us. This turned into the book “Road Trip! Rosie Goes ‘There and Back Again.’” I wrote it primarily for the friends we visited on the trip and my family members. GhostsThatSellMemories contains my trip blog and continues with additional travel adventures post Road Trip.
(Header photo of my hometown, Middlebury, Vermont by my life long friend David Griggs. Please visit his website


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