In The Beginning…

Fran suggested I create a blog to document my culinary journey. This meander has no real direction, other than what we eat at a restaurant or see on a baking show, and say “Hey, that looks good. Let’s try it.”. (Header photo of Middlebury falls where we grew up is by my life long friend David Griggs. Please visit his website

I don’t brew as much as I did before. Maybe once the summer heat lessens I will brew a little more. I am interested in trying a home brew lager, which requires cooler fermentation temperatures, something we have in the autumn/winter months. We’ll see.

For anyone either interested in
Ancient Fiction or
with some time on their hands,
try my writer’s blog for samples.
The entire work is available
on Amazon and Kindle .


1 thought on “In The Beginning…

  1. Hi Dave! This is great! I just had a minute to look it up on fb. Do you have the recipe for white red velvet cake posted here? I remember that was one of the layers on the wedding cake, and thought it was fabulous!


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