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Today, Fran suggested I create a blog to document my new culinary journey. This meander has no real direction, other than what I dream up on my way home from work, or what we eat at a restaurant or see in a commercial, and say “Hey, that looks like it would be good to try at home” and I do. (Header photo of Middlebury falls where we grew up is by my life long friend David Griggs. Please visit his website  www.djgriggsphoto.com.)

To date, the brews I make on our patio are from kits, but I am now considering either buying the components and making adjustments, or if I feel really brave, going all-grain instead of extract brewing. (This would mean something to other home brewers, or anyone who Google’s “all grain home brewing”.)

To start, I will time travel back a few months and post a few items I particularly liked over the past year or so.