It’s All About the Beer

It probably all started with beer. That’s not really true, it began with ale. Lagers must be fermented cool (45- 55deg F) are more difficult to brew here in Florida without some sort of cooling jacket. On the other hand, ales can be fermented at room temperature (75deg F) and not create some of the ester/phenol flavors created with fermenting lagers at our room temperatures

Garry P, Mike B and I started brewing at a brew house in Davie in October of 2006. When they shut down in 2008 we set up operations on my patio and list so many revisionists in the world, the history starts there.

We made quite a few batches of Home Brew since we started back on Day 1. (Did you know the day of creation for computers is Jan 1, 1900?)

Next I will give a short explanation of how to make brews that are better than any you can buy.


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