How Does My Garden Grow?

Overall the garden is progressing well. Most of the pants are healthy and presumably happy. I wish the pepper would go into a growth spurt like the tomatoes did. (Damn kids, just can’t rely on them.) I staked the tomatoes with tripods made from bamboo. It was much cheaper than buying something prefab like I did with the cucumbers and pole beans. Old cut up sheets made good ties.


I am still having some problems with some critter liking my cucumber leaves. I tried spraying soapy water on the leaves and when that didn’t work i coated them with Nem. I gave that 3 weeks, I sprinked crushed egg shells around their bases, and yesterday brought in the big, non organic guns, Ortho critter spray. I have to do something to save these plants. But I am pleased that the cucumbers are such tenacious climbers. I may need to support some of the larger fruit but at present the vines themselves are doing just fine.

I have 4 cucumbers so far and one will be ready to harvest next week. The herbs are doing great as is the lettuce. We may be using them for Thanksgiving.



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