I Love the Sound of the Shofar…

Especially that first blast to start the New Year’s season… tequila… and we start fresh again. No, I mean it tequila!! I found some in the cupboard and as Fran was out for the ladies, I decided a little Tequila Sunset dinner would be pefect. A few carrots from the garden, a spare chicken breast and some tomatoes and provolone and I have a feast.

Saute the carrots in a tblsp of butter, two oz of tequila and 3 tblsp of brown sugar (being sure not to burn the sugar.) I kept them just about boiling until the carrots were tender. Cook it a little longer just below boiling to let the brown sugar and tequila caramelize. Meanwhile add a little butter or EVO to a large fry pan, put the chicken in with some diced fresh tomatoes and cook at medium until the chicken is almost done. Add a couple of slices of the fresh tomato on top of the chicken, cover and simmer for 10 min. With about 5 min to go cover the tomato/chicken with the provolone, re-cover and when the provolone is melted serve.

Easy to make, easy to clean, delicious!!


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