Time to ketchup with the backlog

I started this blog like a short story, “in medias res”. It is time to go back and clean house with some early attempts at baking. In no particular order here is where I have been:

Dr Lee's Med School Graduation Cake. School logos and Lee's name piped.

 You will notice the lack of talent in the piping area in all the photos.

Mindy and Don’s Pre-wedding cake

Erev Birthday 2011 (Note to self: Take the picture before you eat the cake)

Flower Cake, lots of drawing of stems etc for a non-artist

Heavenly Strawberry Cake

New Chocolate Fudge Frosting, Chocoholics Heaven


Sponge Cake with Chocolate Ganache and WhiteChocolate Drizzle

TBE Torah Project Cake, actualy the branches and tree trunk were piped, and not too bad

Valentines Day Cak, don't let the drizzle cool so much next time

Cake2, practice piping, practice, practice, practice

Berry Cake, I like berries. This had several kinds

Pre-Passover Cake

5771 HHD Cake, the cake was made with apples and honey, the figures on the top were an apple and a bee

Gator Cake, made for Cara's birthday at TBE. Big Gator fan

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