Corn… in its natural wrapper

A few weeks ago we bought some bi-color corn (our favorite) with small kernels on a small cob…. perfect for saying goodbye to the summer. (OK, it’s still almost 90 deg every day, but officially, summer is over.) I really wanted to “Potter” the corn, but that is all but impossible down here. I also saw a method for nuking the corn. I am a traditionalist (husked corn in boiling water, or de-silked corn, soaked in water and wrapped in foil before grilling) but flexible and always willing to try new ideas. This time, I microwaved the cord. Cut off the bottom of the stalk and remove any loose silk. (Apparently the loose silk can ignite.) Cook for 3 min (depending on your microwave efficiency you might need to experiment) and then let sit for another minute. The husks come off easily (but are very hot) and the silk just slides off the ear, very easy and very clean. The flavor was superb, maybe not a good as “Pottering”, but equal to grilling, better than boiling and easier than any of them.


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