Hint ‘O Banana Soft Bread

I saw a video for this bread on Cookist. I found a recipe and a comment at the bottom said it was not very bananaee (my word) and they were correct. Hence, Hint ‘O Banana. It is a very nice soft loaf and easy to make. I am wondering if I upped the amount of banana in the dough if it would increase the bananaee flavor. It really is a good bread just the way it is, but if you were expecting overwhelming banana flavor, like in a traditional banana bread, you will be disappointed. Definitely NOT your, your Mama’s or your Grammies’ banana bread!

The bread has a very mild banana flavor. I wish I weighed the banana before mashing it into the dough. It was a small one. Next time I will try two small ones or one large one and adjust other liquids. I think I will modify the method to incorporate a tangzhong. Stay tuned.

Banana Bread Loaf

• 350 g Bread Flour
• 30 g Caster Sugar
• 1 tsp salt
• 2 Tbl Milk Powder
• 1 very ripe banana
• 1 egg
• 70 ml milk
• ½ tsp yeast
• 40 g unsalted butter, cubed.


  1. Sift flour into mixing bowl of stand mixer and add dry ingredients and mix
  2. Mash banana and add to mixing bowl
  3. Whisk egg and milk together then add to bowl
  4. Add yeast
  5. Mix on medium with dough hook until stiff dough is formed. Add additional milk if necessary
  6. Add cubed butter, a piece at a time, continue on mixing speed 2 for 20 min
  7. Knead by hand, form into a ball, tension surface
  8. Let rise, covered for 60 min
  9. Knock down dough, flatten into an oval and divide in half
  10. Flatten, do envelope fold, turn 90 deg and repeat envelope fold
  11. Form into a ball, tension surface
  12. Cover and let rest 15 minutes
  13. Butter bread trays
  14. Roll each ball out about 6-8” long, roll up into a batard, pinch seams and ends closed
  15. Roll under curved fingers slightly to tension. Don’t apply pressure.
  16. Cut into 1” wide pieces, but not all the way through, keeping loaf together Should be about 10 pieces
  17. Pick up carefully and place into bread pan
  18. Cover and let rise 60 minutes
  19. Bake at 350 for 17-20 minutes until internal temp is 195-200F
  20. Coated with melted butter
  21. Loosen bread to release from pan
  22. Tip out and pull apart to enjoy.

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