Thank you! thank you! thank you to for posting the recipie for these amazing pastries. I made 3 varieties for breakfast this morning. They are small so I had one of each. Hey! There is such a thing as quality control you know!kouignamann-1

Anyway, as I said,  I made three varieties, one was the traditional sweet/savory and slightly salty, the second had a semi-sweet chocolate filling and the last was sweeter and less salty with a blackberry inside. What differentiates this pastry from the hand pies I made the other day is the crust finish. After buttering the cupcake pan, coat it with a heavy dusting of sugar/salt (just sugar for the berry version).  This caramelizes the the crust that adds to the crunch, but with sweetness.

kouignamann-3I used Trader Joe’s puff pastry dough for this recipe. Also, recommends a 60g piece of dough per pastry. I found 30g was fine. I used one sheet of puff pastry (about 12″x12″), coated with sugar and cut in half. One side was sprayed with a little water to help them adhere to each other. The two pieces were then stacked, coated with more sugar and rolled gently. Cut the stacked sheet (6″x12″) into 3″ squares. Place a berry, a bit of chocolate or nothing in the center, fold as described in Chefsteps and place into the cupcake pan. Dust with a little more sugar/salt mixture or just sugar. Bake at 375 fan for 20 min which was just about right for me. Be sure to dump them onto a cooling rack as the caramelized crust will stick to the cupcake pan. I had a couple of berries fall out. (I just pushed them back into the pastry.)

Good luck and enjoy! Sorry, brb, just one more…Delicious!