Happy Valentines Day!

So, I started out Valentines Day morning making a chocolate Bundt cake, using a new recipe I found online. Everything looked fine after baking. The aroma was fantastic, the spring back was good, but when I turned it out of the pan it simply exploded in my hands. Testing a few scraps I found the cake dry, bitter and not particularly tasty. Straight to the bin!

Undeterred, I quickly switched to make heart shaped shortbread cookies with red sprinkles on top and the bottom dipped in dark chocolate. They were buttery with a nice crisp snap. Good recovery.

I also made my second annual heart shaped pizza. All day I was calling it a Jackson Pollock pizza. Last years looked like I was on acid when I made it. Jackson would have been impressed with the abstract result.

This years, with much thanks to the other grandpa, ‘Mike’, I put enough corn meal under the uncooked pizza to allow it to slide off the peel and onto the pizza stone in the barbecue grill (500 deg F) still heart shaped.

It cooked for 4-5 minutes (I didn’t time it) until it was browning, the crust was firm and the cheese was fully melted and just starting to brown.

Add some Basil and Eat Your Heart out Jackson!